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S.W. Cannon enjoys reading and joined In the Company of Twelve (ITC12) book club in 2008. She was so glad that God put the 11 female members in her life. They aren't just a book club, they are a family. Among other things, her sisters-in-books encourage and support her writing. Because of her relationship with them, she really has a special place in her heart for book clubs and the roundtable that is a book club discussion. 

Are you a member of a book club? Cannon would love for you to consider reading one of her books as a book club family and invite her to be apart of it. Email her. to find out more. She can't wait to discuss the scandal that is Casey Canyon or her truths that are the ABC's of Relationships. 

Check back as she plans to have special offers just for book clubs!!

In 2011, S.W. Cannon attended the National Book Club Conference with ITC12. This event is organized by best selling author Curtis Bunn. While in attendance, Cannon realized what a special opportunity Mr. Bunn was providing for  authors and book clubs alike. Bringing opportunity full circleS.W. Cannon will be in attendance in 2016 as an Author. 

Consider adding attendance to this event to your experience as a book club. For more information, please check out their website.