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Her Literary Legacy

S.W. Cannon was raised in Birmingham, Alabama but now lives in Marietta, Georgia. Better known as Sha' (pronounced "shaye"), she began her writing career blogging. Her first was a blog where she posted frequently for a month regarding a social dating experiment. Her second blog was focused on her personal experience with turning forty. She filled it with the obstacles, body changes and hilarities of the aging process that most women go through and the new outlook on life it creates. She currently blogs about relationships at Her straight talk about interpersonal relations is just what most need to interpret the opposite sex and change behaviors that endanger their romantic relationship as well as how to keep things copacetic with those you care about in any relationship category (family, friends,co-workers, etc...).  

Sha' then blossomed into a freelance career with experience in copy writing (fashion/style) and content writing (legal field) but her passion is within the lifestyle/relationship genre for both the male and female demographics. She has written under the name Sha' Young for Shepreneur  Magazine, @Law MagazineY.U.R.I. Magazine, The NALS Docket and eZine. As a part of the Yahoo Contributors' Network, she has also done copy writing for on Yahoo Shine!, a hugely popular eZine of the search engine giant Yahoo.

Her first published work of fiction, Casey Canyon, is a suspense novella with action and a love triangle that will keep you guessing. It is the initial book to a three part series available in paperback and eBook. Released as an eBook only, The ABC's of Relationships based on her participation in the national A to Z Blog Challenge is also available. Both books are published through her publishing company: Nonnac Content & Press. 

As a member of ITC12 Book Club in Birmingham, Alabama, she has a special place in her heart for book clubs. She plans to market her suspense series to her treasured subsect by creating opportunities to attend as many book club meetings and events as possible to discuss her book with readers. If you are in a book club, please visit a special home she has made for you HERE.

Your Literary Legacy

After overcoming obstacles while writing her first book and then the hurdles of the publishing world, Sha' began to help fellow writers navigate the same rough waters of writing and publishing their first book. After helping friends and friends of friends she decided to use her experience in helping others to become a professional author coach. She created a system of tips and direction that make the writing process easier for any writer to create their Literary Legacy. After helping a number of Legacy Clients she cemented her status as the Literary Legacy Creator.  She is instrumental in creating the Literary Legacy of new authors by guiding their writing and providing bestseller book services. She has created different platforms to achieve this initiative:,, and books available on Amazon at Follow her on Periscope at @Author_SWCannon as she gives transparent and valuable tidbits for first-time authors. Also tune-in on Blab each Wednesday at 8 pm EST to listen and participate in conversations of interest and importance to authors of all knowledge level, @Author_SWCannonLet her help you create your Literary Legacy by adding “Published Author” to your credentials. 

Now available on Amazon are the first books in her Legacy Series, also click the titles for to purchase autographed copies: From Content to Book Draft: Tips On How To Write Your First Book and Keep Control And Self-Publish: Simple Steps to Self-Publish Your First Book

BestSelling Author Support Services

She shares her knowledge and then makes available self-publishing services used to produce Bestselling titles at What better way to bring your Literary Legacy to life than to use the best book services. What do we mean by "Bestselling" Author Support Services? My team has produced books that have hit the Amazon Bestseller lists. One client released four books in one day and all four took the top spots as Amazon Bestsellers on release day. THAT is a Legacy and THAT is what we mean by Bestselling Author Support Services. 

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