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Client Testimonials

I'm a novice author who has always had plenty of Ideas and love to write, But luckily I was introduced to Author SW Cannon and she hand held me through the steps of actually writing the proper way.,i.e. Formats & Chapter writing using bullet points. And she also helped me overcome writers block. The greatest advice she gave me was "Write what you know.” – Melvin Stringer, Alabama

AWESOME! It is pretty incredible what Author SW Cannon can do in less than 30 days! As a result of Author SW Cannon's knowledge, expertise and exceptional skills I am well on my way to becoming the author I always dreamed I could be. For all those who may have a desire to become an author and may not be sure how or where to start, Author SW Cannon should be the first person you contact. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. -Zoe Fludd, Ph.D., M.S.W., Georgia

I convinced myself all the good words had been taken--there were no more combinations to be created by ME that could catch a reader's interest. Then enter S W Cannon, an inventive, imaginative, ENCOURAGING literary powerhouse. When she found out I had more than a passing interest in writing, she couldn't have been more encouraging. Not only did she invite me to a writing workshop she produced, introducing me to some of Birmingham's best literary minds, she's also supported me on a near day to day basis by giving me access to genres of writing and techniques I might otherwise have known. All the good words haven't been taken. – Arnesia J. Stewart, Alabama

I met and had the pleasure of working with SW Cannon as a Writing Coach for a Facebook writing group. She, provided invaluable information from start to finish. She helped me to narrow down my focus as I was moving through the process. Every day she had tips that helped me better understand and frame what I was doing. For example she told us to add a bit of ourselves -a more personal touch- to our writing. That tip sent me back to my introduction to share more of my personal experiences and in doing so, gave the introduction and the devotional much more depth. Because of my experience with SW Cannon, I am going to connect with her to help me with the rest of the publishing process. 

- Patricia Bias Morrison, Arkansas

Author SW Cannon of Nonnoc Content & Press is very personable with her coaching style. I say this because she was consistent in reaching out to me to keep me on track in a non-overwhelming way when I fell behind due to being under the weather for a week. She displayed empathy towards my situation but still held me accountable for my deadline to be on the right path in writing my book detailing 7 Ways to Create Happy Customers Who Spend More. That I believe is going above and beyond what you get paid for. Thanks a lot Sha’.
                                                                                  -Decoda (Mee) Roberts, Texas

I've been years playing around with the idea of writing a book... It wasn't until being in a broadcast with Sha’ "Author S W" Cannon, Tasha "TC" Cooper, and Dr. Will Moreland, that I was encouraged to pull the trigger! Sha’ gave of her expertise, as a published author, to guide us in the direction to completion, with templates, feedback, and the support first time authors uniquely require. I'm grateful to say that I am now the author of "Media Planning Your Non Profit Funding Vehicles - Simple Tips To "Profit" Your Non Profit Organization"
- Jason Hodge, Washington

I reached out to S.W. Cannon back in April 2014, during a time when my ideas for writing had become overwhelming. She coached me over the phone sharing her wealth of knowledge with me and encouraging me to follow my dream of writing. I will be honest, I didn't think a published author would give me the time of day, but Ms. Cannon did and she also followed up with me via text and Facebook inbox messaging. I am truly thankful for her willingness to guide me toward my ultimate writing goal. I find myself jotting down notes, recording my thoughts on my voice recorder and making journal entries all thanks to following simple tips from Sha'. Thanks again and "Happy Writing." 
- Bridget Gooden, Alabama

I was so lucky to meet Sha' through an online month-long book-writing challenge. Sha' provided a wonderful level of guidance, inspiration and encouragement to the group and I'm sure her consistent presence was appreciated by all. Most importantly for me, she picked up on a major stumbling block which could have prevented me from reaching my goal. Her gentle, considerate suggestions had me thinking more flexibly and - more importantly - gave me a sense of optimism again. As a result, that stumbling block dissolved and I reached what had seemed an unattainable goal of writing a book draft within a month. Thanks so much Sha', your support made a huge difference to me! 
- Nicola Brown, New Zealand

  • Are you overwhelmed on how to start writing your book? 

  • Are you stuck and can't get over obstacles to finish your book?

  • Do you want to use the same services that Bestselling Authors have utilized?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to say YES to working with me. 

Let's partner to get your Literary Legacy written and published. 

You can do it. 

I can help! ~ Sha'


  • Are you overwhelmed on how to start writing your book?

  • Are you stuck and can't get over obstacles to finish your book?

  • Do you want to use the same services that Bestselling Authors have utilized?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to say YES to working with me. 

As a Literary Legacy Creator, S.W. Cannon uses different platforms to reach out to and educate writers that wish to become Published Authors.

Let's partner to get your Literary Legacy written and published. For more coaching options, check out her membership site HERE.

You can do it. I can help! ~ Sha'

I have compiled the information from my signature seminar "How To Write A Book" and tips from my Legacy programs for use by anyone that is ready to create their Literary Legacy. These tips are for fiction and non-fiction writers alike. This book will be a reference and workbook for the information you need to write a book in a timely, organized manner to ensure that you complete your work to publication. Even if you are a natural talent when it comes to writing, included are tips on the literary industry, basic marketing, creating time to write, and more.
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