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Casey Canyon

Book one of a fiction novella series: Casey Canyon’s dishonest choices lead him to huge trouble in his love life and possibly in his career.  A destructive love triangle and near misses with the law, leave this police officer in a complicated dilemma.  Will he choose Sam or Meredith, crime or the law?  It mNo may be too late... the decisions may have already been made for him.  

Just when you think you know what's going on, you don't. Each chapter has a cliff hanger like an episode of Scandal written by Shonda Rhimes, with an ending that will leave your mouth ajar.  

This is the kind of read that will have you talking to other people about the characters as if you've met them , then put your phone on silent to finish the book.


"The author puts a few twists and turns in the book as well as a few surprises so be fairly warned. This book would get my recommendation as an item that needs to be placed on your reading list. This author is going places and quick. Don't be left out. She and her work are going to be the topic of discussion in reading circles everywhere....soon." - Shelia, (full review found at

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The ABC's of Relationships

Advice and Cannon-isms on relationships one alphabet at a time, taken from posts on S.W. Cannon's relationship blog while participating in the 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge.

Find the blog at STFU4ABetterRelationship.


"Your deadpan delivery of real-life relationship advice is refreshing." - Katie,

"Love your energy and passion rising up from your words." - Julie, @JulieJordanScot

More reviews of The ABC's of Relationships appear in the book just after the cover. Take a look inside HERE