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Author S. W. Cannon, the Literary Legacy Creator

My Readers, Legacy Clients & Bestselling Authors call me Sha' (pronounced 'shaye')

I guide experts through the writing & self-publishing process to add the title "Published Author" to their Legacy so that they stand out in their business. Once the book is written, we provide Best Seller book services for publication to the world.

Are you an expert? Are you ready to write your Legacy?

Her Legacy

I am a published author, iWrite about relationships for life and for fiction. 

NOW AVAILABLE: My first book in a three book suspense fiction series, Casey Canyon, is available as an ebook or a paperback on Amazon. The first book in my "ABC" self-help series, The ABC's Of Relationships, is also available on Amazon in ebook format only.

COMING SOON: The second book in the three book Canyon series, Canyon Deep, is currently being written. The second book in my "ABC" self-help series, The ABC's Of A Better You, is being formatted and will be available for purchase soon.  

For more about my published works, please go to my author page by clicking the button.

Your Legacy 

My LEGACY CREATION programs can help experts with their writing whether they have yet to get started writing their book or they have started but can't seem to finish the writing process. I have proven methods that will take you over the finish line to be the published author of your own Literary Legacy.   We will craft the shareable content by creating customized solutions for their unique obstacles. We have the tools to empower experts in manifesting their expertise into a written Legacy.   

Literary Legacy Book Series:  "From Content To Book Draft: Tips On How To Write Your First Book" and "Keep Control And Self-Publish: Simple Steps To Self-Publish Your First Book"

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Support Services

Make sure your written LEGACY is one you will be proud of, by ensuring every step is executed with professional perfection. SKIP the expensive middle men calling themselves publishers and get your book services straight from the source.  We offer professional a la carte services and publishing packages utilized by Best Selling Authors.

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Allow us to partner with you to perfect your Legacy and add you to the ranks of our other Best Selling Clients.